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This action-packed, unpredictable and intelligent thriller is like nothing you’ve ever read!


A strange emergency call from a mysterious shop in New York escalates with brutal consequences. Tristan and Clara, from the CIA’s department of Radical Pattern Recognition, are assigned to the case and they embark on an unlikely global hunt for the truth. A hunt that involves popes, ancient cultures, modern technology, extreme loyalty and double play. This unusual case will not only challenge them professionally, but it will force them to rethink their own pasts and confront them with life's existential questions. Will they be willing to pay the ultimate price to find the truth? 


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Two agents, trained never to go by the book.

Tristan and Clara are fresh talent from the CIAs’ Department of Radical Pattern-Recognition. They’re going to need all of their skills in contextual analysis for this unstoppable search for truth in the face of a growing group of opponents. 

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A journey to the outer corners of the mind. 

The case takes them from the bedrooms of the world's most powerful people, to civilization’s most destitute places. It affects them on a deeply personal level, forces them to reevaluate their past and challenges their perception of themselves. 


6 stars from “” 
If you want a good story with thriller elements, combined with questions about how we live our lives in today’s society, this one is highly recommended! 

5 stars from “”
A well thought out plot that I’m truly impressed by, including some plot twists along the way. I had a hard time putting the book down. 

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T.M. Palshof

The accidental author
With an entrepreneurial background as the founder of several startups, it was never quite on the cards for Troels M. Palshof to write novels. But the urge to tell engaging stories about life’s challenges and potential has always been an important part of the author’s driving force. 

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