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A strong debut from Troels M. Palshof. If you want a good story with thriller elements, combined with questions about how we live our lives in today’s society, this one is highly recommended! 

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5 stars from “” 
The Butterfly Clan is a very unusual thriller, that captures its readers from the first page. If you're into adventures with a philosophical twist, this is the book for you.

5 stars from “”
A well thought out plot that I’m truly impressed by, including some plot twists along the way. I had a hard time putting the book down.


Praise from readers

A rare read, the story is both exciting and imaginative. A real page-turner with some very sharp plot twists. The story is innovative from the first to last page - every time you think it reminds you of something you have read before, it takes a surprise turn. At the same time it’s a story that makes you think about some of the bigger questions in life. I can’t wait to read more about the clan. 
Morten Heuing

The Butterfly Clan is a thriller that exceeds your expectations of the genre. It’s hard to put it in any box, other than “books you owe yourself to read”. It will entertain you and will stay with you long after you have put it down.
Morten Weise Schousen

Exciting debut! The writer shows great imagination, humor and innovation. Hope to read more of him.
Jakob Hyttel

The Butterfly Clan is a thriller in the best possible use of the word. It pulls the reader in so that you can almost taste, feel, smell and see everything whilst reading it. The plot is intelligent and well thought out, and it slowly but surely ties all the threads together, just enough to make you long for the next book in the series. 
Pernille M. Frederiksen

It’s not the amount of years in your life that counts, but the amount of life in your years. The Butterfly Clan is a through and through fantastic debut novel that will captivate and give you food for thought, long after you’ve put it down - if you can! 
Thomas Lorenzen

Exciting thriller that captivates the reader from the very first page. Could be the thriller of the year. 
Peter Hoejgaard Hansen

A captivating book, that stands out from the rest in a remarkable way, combining existential contemplations with the excitement of a thriller. The surprising ending calls for the sequel to come soon!
Peter Jørgensen

An engaging page-turner that, in an original way, combines existential and philosophical questions with entertaining action. It comes with my warmest recommendations!  
Niels Christian Hvidt


You can look forward to an amazing book, that I had a hard time putting down. The story is original, and will take you on a journey through good and evil, and through a whole new world.
Rose Marie Hansen

A thriller that differs from the genre. You will find elements of fantasy, advanced technology, philosophy and critique of our society, all wrapped into one. I loved following the main characters all over the world, and one by one finding the pieces of the puzzle. But not all the pieces - the tension is kept until the end, and leaves you with a yearning for the follow up to come soon.
Eva Carlsson


Admirably and ambitiously thought out! 
The Butterfly Clan is an impressive thriller about the global struggle between good and evil. The plot is intelligent and stays with you long after you have finished reading. It leaves you with a whole new perception of the world we live in. 
Ole Kristoffer Jensen

A fascinating story that surprises with intensity the whole way through. It grabs hold of you and you are pulled into a world of deceit, hope, hate and love that puts your own life in perspective. 
Signe Villumsen


 An unusual story. Very exciting, and well written. From the very first page you get pulled into a new and unknown universe. 
Jens Arndal

A new and astonishing genre that I have a hard time putting a label on. You get swept away immediately, pulled in to the author’s thoughts and views of the world. The plot is thought provoking and makes you ponder the way you live your life. This story will keep you curious until the very last page. 
Søren Heilmann

The Pope's Favourite, the first part of the story about the Butterfly Clan, is a very thrilling and action-packed adventure that you can’t put down until the last page has been read. Immediately you get involved in the three CIA agents’ intelligent and reflective dialogue. They’ll take you into the world of the CIA and all around the globe, in their hunt for the mysterious Extenders and their secret. The further you read, the more you glimpse the contours of something mysterious, inexplicable and cruel. A very entertaining book that is almost cinematic in its style, that makes me wish I already had the sequel sitting on the shelf. I can highly recommend the Butterfly Clan to anyone who loves a good read. 
Malene Pontoppidan

From the very first page you get pulled into a cinematic universe, that offers an intelligent, philosophical tale, like nothing I have ever read before. The story urges you to think about important aspects of today's society and how we live our lives in it. Very much looking forward to the follow-up! 
Søren Aagaard

Exciting thriller that captivates the reader from the very first page. Could be the thriller of the year. 
Peter Hoejgaard Hansen